Top 3 Air Conditioning Myths That Are Real Money Drains

You have probably grown up hearing them all around you. There are several myths and misinformation around air conditioning, some of which you wouldn't give a second thought to until you realize that they are costing you money. It's never too late to unlearn anything, and here are a few things about air conditioning units you will want to rethink going forward. 1. Bigger Is Better Get it wrong with sizing your air conditioning unit, and you will end up dealing with serious problems. Read More 

A Look At The Mold Removal Process When Your Home Has Water Damage From A Leaky Air Handler

If you've noticed a musty odor in your home recently, and it seems to be coming from around your air handler equipment, check your floor and wall for water damage. It's possible for condensation to back up and run on the floor near the air handler. If that goes on long enough, the floor, wall, and anything that gets wet could get moldy and have water damage. If the floor feels soggy or saggy, it's probably damaged and the mold might be hidden under the floor or behind a wall. Read More 

5 Air Conditioning Repair Tasks For Higher Efficiency

Are you seeing an unexplained rise in your power bills? The air conditioner could be to blame. As one of the biggest appliances in a home, a malfunctioning AC can raise the energy bill. The AC has several power-consuming components, including motors and fans, that help air circulation. Aging and worn-out components are the main causes of AC problems. However, clogs and leakages also cause inefficiencies in airflow, which lowers system inefficiencies. Read More 

Air Conditioner Zoning Tips: Four Indoor Spaces That Require Individual Zones

A zoned air conditioning system allows users to control temperatures in each room. Each zone has a thermostat and an air handler. Therefore, you can set the temperatures higher or lower in one room without affecting the rest of the house. When investing in a multi-zone air conditioner, it's important to map out your zones correctly to ensure energy efficiency and indoor comfort. Below are four indoor spaces that require individual zones due to their unique characteristics. Read More 

3 Things To Know About How Central Air Conditioning Works To Keep Your Home Comfortable In The Heat

Air conditioning is more important now than ever. If you've lived with air conditioning all of your life, you'll be miserable if your AC breaks down. People may have lived without air conditioning in the past, but they were used to it. One of the most important reasons to keep up with the maintenance of your AC equipment is so you can reduce the risk of problems developing and having your air conditioner break down. Read More