Ways To Help Your AC Work More Efficiently

Everyone wants an efficient air conditioner, right? An efficient air conditioner costs less to run, and it is less of a burden on the planet. Replacing an old air conditioner with a new one is a good way to improve efficiency. But how can you improve the efficiency of an existing AC unit without having it replaced? Here are some steps to get you started.

Schedule an annual maintenance appointment.

Call a local HVAC company, and schedule an AC maintenance appointment. The AC professional will do a number of things to improve the efficiency of your air conditioner. They'll lubricate any moving parts, clean the electrical components, make sure the wiring is in good shape, and clean the coils. You should have this maintenance done every year, if possible. If your budget does not allow for that, every other year is a good compromise.

Open all of your vents.

Do you have some of the vents in your home closed off? In many cases, this causes your AC to lose efficiency since it increases the air pressure in the ducts, which makes your central fan work harder to push air in against that pressure. Opening the vents means the air will flow more easily and your AC fan won't have to work as hard.

Trim around your AC unit.

Are there weeds or bushes around your air conditioner? Grab a pair of garden shears or a weed trimmer, and get rid of them. You want lots of clear space around your outdoor AC unit. This allows it to pull in air with less resistance, which takes less energy and allows for greater efficiency.

Change your air filter more often.

You don't need an expensive air filter for your AC to run efficiently, although better-quality filters do tend to keep your home cleaner. Buy filters that are in your price range, and dedicate yourself to replacing the filter monthly. This way, your filter won't get so clogged with dirt that your AC fan struggles to push air through it. Your AC uses less energy when the filter is clean and clear.

Whether your air conditioner is one year old or ten years old, following the tips above can ensure it runs as efficiently as possible. It all comes down to making a few small changes. For more information on AC installation services, contact a company like Brooks Heating & Air Conditioning.