Can Switching Off Your Heating System At Night Save Money?

Some people claim that it is cheaper to turn off the heating system every night. The assumption is that the warm bed and a thick duvet or comforter are enough to get you through every winter night.  If you haven't tried it, this might make sense, and you may be tempted to turn off the heat overnight. But, the question you should ask is this: if you genuinely didn't need the heating system, then what's the point of installing or running it in the first place? Read More 

Tips For Selecting The Right Commercial A/C System For Your Business

Are you trying to get a new commercial building up and running including an HVAC or cooling system? Do you already own a commercial building but you want to upgrade your current air conditioning system to something more robust? Here are some tips to keep in mind before you contact a local commercial cooling services firm to get started. Spend Some Time Figuring Out How Much Power You Need While Comparing Comfort Against Cost Read More 

Ways To Help Your AC Work More Efficiently

Everyone wants an efficient air conditioner, right? An efficient air conditioner costs less to run, and it is less of a burden on the planet. Replacing an old air conditioner with a new one is a good way to improve efficiency. But how can you improve the efficiency of an existing AC unit without having it replaced? Here are some steps to get you started. Schedule an annual maintenance appointment. Read More 

A Few Considerations About Furnace AFUE Ratings

Annual fuel utilization efficiency rating (known as AFUE) is one of the most important specifications to consider when buying a new furnace. This value helps you understand how efficient your new furnace will be and how much money you'll need to spend on your utility bills. Surprisingly, it can also help you understand how comfortably a furnace will heat your home. AFUE is a relatively straightforward metric, unlike air conditioners' more complicated SEER ratings. Read More 

Air Conditioning Maintenance : The Importance Of Routinely Inspecting Condenser Fins

As a homeowner living in a tropical region, you rely heavily on your air conditioner to keep your indoor spaces comfortable. That's why you should keep the equipment in top condition by scheduling routine air conditioning maintenance checks. Allowing your AC technician to regularly recalibrate your cooling equipment promotes excellent AC function during the peak season when you need your cooling unit the most. Your household won't have to endure sweltering heat; instead, your home will be a safe haven from the unforgiving weather outside. Read More