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AC Not Working Properly? 3 Common Reasons Why

A broken air condition is something that no homeowner wants to deal with on a hot summer day. Unfortunately, that's exactly when your home's air conditioning will be more likely to break. You'll be pushing the appliance to its limits trying to get the most use out of it, and you could find yourself with an air conditioner that is out of commission. Here are 3 common reasons why an air conditioner isn't working. Read More 

How To Make Your HVAC Thermostat More Efficient

Your HVAC system's thermostat is the brain of the entire operation, and regulates when both your central heating and air conditioning systems work, as well as how hard they work. Therefore, an improperly programmed or maintained thermostat can cause your entire HVAC system to operate inefficiently, driving up your energy bills while reducing your overall comfort levels in the long run. Thankfully, there are a couple of things that you can do to make your HVAC system's thermostat run the entire heating and cooling network in your home as best as it can. Read More 

Should You Heat Your Cabin With A Pellet Stove?

If you are building a cabin to use as a secondary or vacation home, one of the decisions you'll need to make is how you'll heat it. A traditional fireplace may work if you live in a mild climate or don't plan on visiting in the winter, but many cabin owners are now opting for something a bit more modern: pellet stoves. Pellet stoves are like a cross between a furnace and a wood stove. Read More 

2 Easy Tasks To Have A More Efficient HVAC System

No matter what the size of your building is, you need to do your part to keep up the HVAC system. That being said, HVAC maintenance in larger buildings is generally more tricky. There is just much more square footage of ducting, more air registers and larger appliances to deal with. Larger homes usually have a two part AC system, with a condenser unit and furnace. The condenser is outside of the home, but the furnace is usually in a basement, garage or utility closet. Read More 

Your Ceiling Fans Can Save You Money On Cooling Costs This Summer

Depending on the type of system you use in your home, relying on your air conditioner alone can add up to big bucks this summer. However, there may be a way to ease the burden on your A/C system and save both money and energy at the same time. If your home has ceiling fans, you can use these to save money on your cooling expenses. How It Works In order to take advantage of the potential savings, you'll need to make sure your ceiling fan is turning the right way. Read More