Why Should You Repair Or Replace Your Aging Outdoor AC Unit?

As a homeowner, you'll eventually need to repair or replace some of the oldest appliances in your home to maintain the health and safety of your loved ones. One of the appliances you might not consider necessary to repair or replace right away is your outdoor AC unit, especially if it appears in good condition. Even if the unit looks fine on the outside, it may actually have some hidden problems that affect its ability to cool your home over time. Read More 

Why Is Your AC Turning Off And On Every Minute Or Two?

Under normal circumstances, your AC unit should kick on for a little while, turn off again, and then kick on again when the room warms up and needs more cooling. This should happen only a few times per hour. If the air is switching on and off every few minutes, this is an issue. Your home won't cool properly, and the constant on-and-off switching will wear down the unit prematurely. Known as short-cycling, this AC behavior can indicate a number of problems. Read More