Air Conditioning Repairs That Might Be Necessary Due To Airflow Problems In The Condenser

One of the most important things your air conditioner needs to operate properly is adequate ventilation. If there isn't enough airflow, parts can overheat and break down. Airflow is essential for both the air handler and the condenser. Keeping the filter clean helps prevent air restrictions in the air handler. A clogged filter could cause the blower to overheat and the motor to burn out.

The condenser can also struggle when airflow is restricted. You need to keep weeds and other obstructions away from the AC so airflow isn't blocked. Here are other condenser issues that can cause airflow problems in the condenser and how an air conditioning repair technician can help.

Smashed Fins Block Airflow Around The Coil

When you look at your air conditioner, you'll see fins on the side of it. These allow air to flow through the condenser and blow over the condenser coil. The fins are fragile and easy to smash flat. When that happens, air can't get through the gaps and keep the condenser as cool as it should be.

An air conditioning repair technician can use a tool to open up the fins once they've been smashed. This is also something you might want to do yourself once you learn how. Keeping all the fins open is important for helping your AC operate efficiently.

The Fan Isn't Working So The Condenser Overheats

The AC condenser has a fan that blows every time the AC kicks on. The fan blows hot air out of the condenser and away from the coil so the coil and refrigerant can cool down a little. If the fan doesn't work, the AC gets too hot. That can cause the refrigerant system to malfunction and the compressor to go bad.

A few things can cause issues with the fan, so the air conditioning repair technician has to check different parts. They can check the fan blade visually to make sure it isn't stuck on something and not starting up. The technician may also use a multimeter to check the capacitor and the fan motor. If either of these is bad, the fan won't get the power to run.

A bad capacitor is easy to replace since it sits just inside the panel and is easy to disconnect and replace. A bad fan motor has to be replaced too, but it involves more work. The fan has to be taken out of the condenser to get to the motor. The blades need to be taken off, and then the motor can be pulled off and replaced.

For more information on air conditioning repair, contact a professional near you.