Does Your Heat Pump Need Replacing? Find Out

Regardless of the prevailing weather conditions, a heat pump provides reliable heating and cooling in your home. However, like other electrical appliances, your heat pump cannot last forever. Unfortunately, once your heat pump has served its projected life span, it may begin to malfunction. As such, your heater may suddenly give out on a chilly day, creating an uncomfortable indoor atmosphere. For this reason, you should employ the services of an HVAC expert for routine diagnostic inspections. They inspect your unit, and if it is irreparable or inefficient to repair, they will suggest a replacement. Below are signs that your heat pump needs replacing: 

The Unit Blowing Cool Air Instead of Hot

During winter, when the outdoor temperatures are dipping, you rely on the heat pump for your household's comfort. Accordingly, it can be frustrating when your system blows cold air, making your indoors unbearable. This could be due to leaky air ducts, which cause hot air to escape to the unconditioned spaces. On the other hand, a faulty thermostat may be detecting the temperatures inaccurately and sending erroneous signals to the system to cool your home. In any case, you need to engage a heating expert for a new heat pump that will blow air consistent with the temperature settings.

Noisy Operation

Even though you expect to hear relatively low sounds when the heat pump is operating, they should not be disruptive. Thus, if your system is emitting strange noises, it could be malfunctioning. One possible reason is that the unit has sustained wear and tear over time, making it prone to breakdowns. Consequently, the components have to overwork to provide an average heating output, hence the loud noises. Hiring an HVAC installation professional to replace your heat pump for silent and seamless operation is advisable.

Weird Smells

A heat pump that emits unpleasant smells is not only a nuisance but also indicates an underlying malfunction. For instance, you may notice musty smells from the vents, signifying that mold is growing in the ducts. On the other hand, your aging system might emit a burning rubber smell due to an electrical failure. Since your unit emitting these smells is due to the heater deteriorating, it is important to contact a heating specialist to replace it.

High Electric Bills

When your unit experiences age-related degradation, the heating output reduces significantly. This results in the components straining harder to heat your home effectively, consuming more power. The problem manifests as the system working in overdrive, spiking your energy bills while not reaching the set temperature. Therefore, consider hiring a heating expert to install a high-efficient heat pump to save on energy costs.

An aging unit can cause much discomfort while increasing your utility bills. Thus, you should engage an HVAC installation professional to install a new heat pump for better heating performance.

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