4 Consequences Of Neglecting AC Maintenance

Air conditioning is necessary during summer to beat the scorching heat. Given this crucial task, your AC requires maintenance to operate at peak performance. Moreover, the system accumulates normal wear and tear and can fail anytime, leaving you with an uncomfortable atmosphere. Therefore, it is wise to hire an AC service contractor to check your unit regularly and remedy small malfunctions. The following are the consequences of neglecting AC maintenance.

Poor Indoor Air Quality

Your AC uses air filters to trap dust and other airborne particulates. Over time, these filters may clog with debris, impeding the system's ability to absorb enough air. If you overlook their cleaning or replacement, other contaminants will bypass them and infiltrate your unit. 

This may lead to dust and allergens circulating across your home, compromising indoor air quality. In addition, clogged air filters will cause unit strain, and you may start to notice increased energy bills or component failure. Hence, it is crucial to clean or replace your air filters as needed. 

Higher Cooling Expenses

Your energy bills will spike when you fail to schedule routine AC maintenance. This is because a neglected unit will have clogged filters that force the system to work harder to achieve the desired cooling. In return, this increased effort will consume more energy, hence the spike in your bills. 

Also, if you neglect your system long enough, you will have leaky ducts. You should know that this will force your unit to run longer as it tries to attain the set temperature. That said, regular checkups will ensure clean filters and that your ducks are not leaking conditioned air.

Frequent Component Failure

When dust, lint, or grime accumulates on the AC components, the system will exert more energy to function. Not only will the electric bills increase, but the components will wear down faster. As a result, you may experience compressor failure, frozen evaporator coils, and broken fan blades. Over time, these components will lose their efficiency, necessitating replacement. Therefore, if you notice multiple component failures, you have neglected your unit long enough, and it's time to hire an AC expert for repairs.

Shorter Lifespan

Without maintenance, your AC will endure unnecessary wear and tear when cooling your home. This causes additional strain on the components and makes them vulnerable to failure. Over time, you may experience premature system breakdown if multiple components fail simultaneously. When this happens, you may have no choice but to replace your unit since some components might be irreparable. Thus, paying attention to regular AC check-ups is crucial to ensure a longer lifespan. 

As you can see, overlooking the maintenance of your AC can be counterproductive in its operation. Therefore, you should schedule regular tune-ups with an AC service technician to ensure the system is in good working order.

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