Furnace Needing Serviced? 3 Signs You Should Call A Pro

Your furnace may have turned on and ran just fine last year, but when you go to turn it on this year, there's a chance that you could have an issue. Having your furnace maintained and prepped to be sure it's in top shape before the season begins is something every homeowner should do. This way you know ahead of the cold weather that your furnace is going to need a repair. If you aren't sure when to call a professional or when your furnace needs to be serviced, read on for a few signs that you should call a heating service for help.

1. Your Furnace Has A Hard Time Keeping Temperature

If you notice that your furnace seems to be trying very hard to keep up with the temperature you've set your thermostat to, it may be that your furnace isn't running properly. A lot of times, if it's very cold outside, your furnace may not be able to keep up, but if it's not even that cold outside, your furnace may be struggling for other reasons. You should call in a professional to take a look at your furnace to see if there are any potential problems.

2. Your Furnace Is Not Turning On

If your furnace isn't turning on at all, it's a problem you should have looked at. When your furnace doesn't turn on, it's only a matter of time before your house begins to get too cold and your pipes risk freezing if the temperature outside is below freezing. You can try different things to get your furnace to turn on, such as adjust the thermostat or try to reset the furnace itself, but if these things aren't working, you should hire a professional.

3. You Smell Natural Gas

If you can smell natural gas coming from your furnace or your carbon monoxide detector is going off, you should call a professional to have your unit looked at right away. You should also call your local gas company to have your gas turned off in the meantime. A gas leak can be very dangerous and not anything you should mess around with as a homeowner. 

If your furnace is not working properly, always call a professional to inspect your unit and to service it as needed. Don't attempt to make repairs to the unit yourself if you aren't sure about what you are doing, hire a pro instead.