Air Conditioning Repair Troubleshooting Guide To Airflow Issues And Blowers

The AC in your home requires minor repairs as parts begin to wear out. Often, the problems that need to be repaired affect the airflow, and you want to know what problems to look out for. The following air conditioning troubleshooting guide will identify problems with blowers and airflow:

Blocked and Damaged Vents

The vents are some of the first areas you want to check when you have AC airflow problems. You want to check all the vents to make sure they are open and nothing is blocking them. In addition, check all the HVAC return vents to ensure the air is circulating through the system correctly. You also want to make sure the settings on the thermostat are correct and that all the dampers have been adjusted for cooling.

Air Leaks and Clogged Filters

The ducts of your AC system could be causing problems with airflow that need to be addressed. Sometimes, these problems are due to air leaks that cause the system to lose airflow. It can also be due to the air filter being blocked with dust and debris. Change the air filter and check the ducts for signs of damage that may be causing the air leaks. Make sure all the duct air leaks are repaired to reduce energy loss and airflow issues with your AC.

Damaged Blower Fan Blades

The fan blades of your blower can also be damaged and cause issues with airflow. This is often caused by debris that gets into the system. When the fan blades are damaged, your system will have reduced airflow. Some of the signs of damaged fan blades include noises, reduced airflow, and the system taking too long to cool your home. Sometimes, the fan blades can be repaired, but the fan may need to be replaced if the damage is too bad.

Blower Motor Part Failures  

There are also blower parts that can fail and cause issues with your AC. The damaged motor parts may be a little more difficult to identify. These issues may be due to the bushings wearing out, problems with electrical wiring, or the motor failing. If the blower motor is causing airflow problems, it may make noise or not turn on at all when the AC starts.

The problems with air conditioning can often affect airflow and cause your energy costs to go up. Contact an air conditioning repair service for more information.