Why Consider Radiant In Floor Heating For Your New Home

Are you in the process of constructing a new home and you've always wanted to have heated floors when given the opportunity to make your home exactly like you want? This can be a wonderful way to add heat to your home during the construction process. Here are a few good reasons to use radiant heat that you may not be aware of.


There is a huge benefit of heating a floor with radiant heat, which is the overall comfort that it provides. If you think about what part of your body typically feels cold in the winter when using forced air heating, it's your feet. This is because heat rises and goes towards the ceiling, making the floor the coldest part of your room. If you are working at a desk all day or sitting on the couch, it is going to make your feet feel cold and your head feel hot. This is not the most comfortable way to experience heat since you are going to want to warm up your feet.

Radiant in-floor heating works from the floor up. The heating cables or hot water pipes in the floor generate heat that radiates upward. Your feet are going to feel the heat first because they are in the hottest part of the room. As the heat travels upward, you'll still feel it, but it will cause you to have a cooler head and feel more comfortable overall. 


One of the problems with forced-air heating systems is that it is either all or nothing when it comes to heating your home. You can shut off the vents going to certain parts of your home, but the furnace is sized for the total square footage of your entire home. It's still generating heat for your entire home, even if that one vent to the guest bedroom is closed because nobody is in the room.

Radiant heat works on a system that uses zones, so you can turn individual zones on and off when you're not using them. For example, you can shut off the first-floor living area when you go to bed and leave the second-floor bedroom areas turned on. This can help you heat your home in a more energy-efficient way since you will only heat the space that you are using. Zones also give everyone individual control of the heat in their bedroom, which means that don't have to feel the same temperature as everyone else in the house. 

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