Air Conditioning Solutions to Prepare for Summer With an Energy-Efficient HVAC System

The summer is approaching fast, and there is maintenance to do around your home. You want to make sure to take care of your air conditioning. If you get started early enough, upgrades for a more efficient HVAC system can be a good investment. The following HVAC solutions are some of the energy-efficient options you may want to plan for your system:

Upgrading the HVAC Air Handler

The air handler is an area of your HVAC system that can be updated to improve efficiency. Improvements that can be done to HVAC air handlers include:

  • Adding and upgrading air handler insulation
  • Installing new air handlers for improved airflow
  • Upgrading blower fan motors with variable-speed systems
  • Repairing air leaks that cause energy loss at the air handlers

The HVAC air handler can be improved with simple solutions like adding insulation. In addition, with a variable-speed blower, your AC will be more efficient this summer.

Installing a Zoned Air Conditioning System

The addition of a zoned HVAC system can be a great improvement to your air conditioning before summer. These are specially designed systems that provide heating and cooling to the areas of your home where it is needed. This is done by cooling and heating areas separately with automatic dampers that are installed in the ducts.

Alternative AC Solutions for Improved Efficiency

There are also alternative AC solutions, such as evaporative cooling. Some solutions can also be used for heating during cold weather. The following AC alternatives are some of the solutions you may want to consider for your HVAC upgrades:

  • An AC heat pump for heating and cooling
  • Evaporative coolers with combined AC unit
  • Adding fans and improving ventilation for passive cooling

Options like installing an AC heat pump can be better energy-efficient improvements for certain climates.

Upgrading Ductwork to Reduce Summer Energy Loss

The ductwork is another area where you will want to consider upgrades for your home's HVAC system. There are various options for these ductwork improvements, including:

  • Upgrading insulation on ducts to prevent thermal transfer
  • Reducing duct lengths to reduce energy loss
  • Changing duct and vent sizes for improved airflow

The improvements to your HVAC ductwork will help reduce energy loss during the summer and winter weather.

The right AC improvements will help reduce your cooling costs this summer. Contact companies like Steele Brothers Heating Inc and ask about some of these solutions for an efficient HVAC system for your home.