What Type Of Furnace Installation Is Right For You?

For most people, trying to decide on a brand-new furnace installation for their home can be next to impossible. Technical jargon and confusing online videos do little more than present the average homeowner with a slew of options that are hard to understand and create more problems than they solve.

Here is a list of questions for you to ask yourself if you're thinking about your next furnace system installation. Work through them, and if you have any questions about what you're reading, contact an HVAC company to set up an appointment.

What's Your Budget?

Before you can decide on the right furnace system for your space, you need to figure out what type of budget you are working with. You shouldn't have to spend thousands of dollars on a system when you can buy another one for nearly half the price. Normally, electric furnaces run cheaper than gas furnaces, but smaller units, like a ductless system, tend to cost significantly less. On the other side of the spectrum, something like a geothermal heat pump can cost tens of thousands of dollars but will pay for itself over the life of the unit by reduced energy costs.

How Big Is Your Space?

If you are doing a whole new home installation, you may need something like a central heating furnace or a geothermal pump to heat up the entire space. If you're converting your garage into an office or installing a shed on your property that needs to be heated though, you can probably get by with a ductless air system or a portable heater. Both of these will give you the energy you need at a fraction of the cost of a gigantic system and can even be integrated into your existing system, allowing you to heat certain areas without having to invest several hundred dollars in ductwork.

What Are Your Specific Needs?

For some people, aesthetics are everything. The last thing they want is a bunch of pipework in their rooms going from place to place, such as is required with a boiler, so they're willing to pay extra to have something that's out of the way. Other people, for instance, would prefer to have something little bit more portable, so a movable heating unit may be exactly what they need. Others are more energy conscious and love the idea of using the Earth's energy to heat their home, so geothermal units are perfect. Whatever your considerations are, make sure they line up with the other two points mentioned above, and you'll know what kind of heating installation you need to put in next.

For more information, contact a furnace installation service.