Remodeling Your Commercial Building? Why You Need To Include A New HVAC System

If you're remodeling your commercial building, it's time to take a closer look at your HVAC system. HVAC systems aren't designed to be one-size-fits-all. These systems should fit the specifications for individual buildings. That's why you should change the system from time to time. Remodeling projects are the perfect time to update the HVAC system. Here are four reasons you should install a new HVAC system when you remodel your building. 

You're Changing the Layout

When you had your HVAC system installed, it worked for the current layout. The ductwork was designed to fit the layout of the building. In fact, the contractor used blueprints to ensure a proper fit. But if your remodeling project changes the layout of your building, you need a new HVAC system. That's because your current ducts won't work in a new building layout. Using the old ductwork causes serious problems. Fit is one of those problems. Your old ducts won't fit in the new design. The best way to avoid problems with fit is to install a new HVAC system. 

Your Building Use Is Changing

If you plan to change the use of your new building, you also need to change the HVAC system. This is especially important when tenant comfort and technological needs are involved. If you have plans to use your building as retail space, you need to consider seasonal comfort. But if you plan to use your building as computer or tech space, you should consider equipment needs. A new commercial HVAC system can accommodate all those uses. 

You're Expanding Building Size

When it comes to your commercial HVAC system, you need to consider the size of your building. Your smaller commercial building might not have the need for a high capacity HVAC system. But if your remodeling project calls for an expansive in building space, you need a new HVAC system. Your current system might not be able to handle the added pressure. Not only that, but your energy efficiency might also suffer under the strain. Now that you're increasing building space, HVAC size matters. 

Your HVAC System Is Out of Code

If your commercial building has an outdated HVAC system, there's a real need for an update. Outdated HVAC systems can cause problems with building codes. This is especially true when energy ratings get involved. Your building will need to undergo an inspection once the project is complete. If your current HVAC system isn't up to code, it might not pass inspection. Unfortunately, that can cause costly delays. Avoid the delays. Have a new commercial HVAC system installed.