Boilers: Why Don’t You Have Enough Hot Water?

If your boiler seems to run out of hot water every time you need it, you may choose to replace the appliance rather than repair it. Before you purchase a new boiler, try to repair it instead. Learn why your boiler's isn't heating water below.

Why Doesn't Your Boiler Produce Enough Water?

Over time, the mechanisms, valves, temperature monitors, and other components in your boiler can wear down, break, or stop working altogether. The malfunctioning parts can prevent your boiler from sending, producing, or holding enough hot water to sustain your household needs, including the thermostat. 

The thermostat controls when and how your boiler heats the water. If the thermostat is set too low, the water inside your boiler may not reach the appropriate temperature. Inspect the thermostat carefully to see if it's set to heat. If the device isn't in heat mode, go ahead and change it to that setting. Now, increase the temperature on the thermostat by two or three degrees. Turn on one of your faucets and wait to see if the water becomes hot enough for you.

If you see steam emitting from the water, don't touch it. Reduce the temperature on the thermostat, then wait a few minutes before you test the water again. If the water is just right, you solved your boiler's problems. If the water is still too steamy or not hot enough, contact a boiler repair technician for help. 

How Do Get the Boiler Repairs You Need?

A repair technician will need to troubleshoot the rest of your boiler before they can repair it. A contractor may check the pressure reducing valve and expansion tank during the inspection. The pressure inside the boiler's holding tank may be too low to heat your water. The automatic feed valve or backflow valve may also be responsible for your boiler's poor performance. A contractor may adjust or repair these parts if they're behind your boiler's troubles. 

If the valves check out fine during the inspection, a boiler repair technician may examine and repair the appliance's pumping system. The system can leak and lower the water level inside the boiler. 

A technician may also need to remove minerals and other substances from the boiler during the visit. Mineral deposits can affect the water quality inside the boiler over time. Your boiler should function properly once a contractor completes all of the services above.

You can find the boiler repair services you need by contacting a contractor today