Getting Your Air Conditioner Ready For The Fall And Winter Seasons

Air conditioning systems will require some preventative care if the system is to be protected from the various hazards that it will face. In particular, the fall and winter months can pose some unique challenges for both new and older air conditioning systems.

Protect The Exterior Components From The Elements

The exterior parts of your HVAC system will be the most exposed to performance problems and malfunctions related to weather exposure. However, homeowners will often take no steps to effectively protect these components from being damaged by this exposure. Depending on the design of your air conditioning system, it may benefit from being covered so that snow and ice will not be able to get inside the unit where it could cause rust or other performance problems. Before covering the unit, it should be cleaned to eliminate as much dirt and dust from the exterior as possible.

Consider Duct Cleaning Services

The ducting in your home will serve the vital role of transporting the cooled air through the home. Unfortunately, this air can spread dirt and dust throughout the ducting, which can degrade the air quality in the home. Periodic cleaning of the ducting can help to eliminate these substances. Due to the fact that the air conditioning system is not going to be used for several months, the fall can be an excellent time to have this work done. In addition to improving the air quality in the home, cleaning the ducting can also improve the performance of the system by allowing for the maximum amount of airflow through the ducting.

Clear The Exterior Drain

If moisture were to collect in the air conditioning unit, it could cause major damage. This damage can be severe enough to require the entire unit to be replaced, which could be a costly and major repair to have done. Due to this threat, these units are equipped with drains that will allow the water in them to exit in a controlled manner. However, these drains can become clogged, and this might be enough to allow the entire unit to flood. As part of the process of preparing the unit for the fall and winter months, the drain should be completely cleared. In addition to removing debris from the opening of the drain, you should also remove any materials that are wedged deep inside the drain. Using a long wire may allow you to pull these materials out of the drain so they will not cause problems.

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