Common Issues With Your Whole House Air Conditioning And How To Handle Them

When you have an air conditioning system that cools off your whole house, there are a number of common issues you might encounter. If the fan isn't running or your outdoor unit won't turn on, this could be as simple as a problem with circuit breaker or a temperature setting. When you have an outdoor unit, remember that you shouldn't take off the cover yourself to try and problem solve any issues. If you check your power supply and the system is set to cool, you may need to call for air conditioning repair if you don't know what else to do. The problem could be small, and a quick visit from an AC repair company may be all that is needed to get your system running again.

Your Circuit Breaker Trips

There will be times when the circuit breaker to your air conditioning unit trips and needs to be reset. If this occurs frequently, or more than once in a few days, you could have problems with the wiring of your system. Faulty wiring is a fire hazard and your air conditioner should be checked to make sure the wiring is sufficient.

Your Fan Isn't Running

When your air conditioning unit is on but your fan isn't working, the fan motor or compressor could be grounded. The circuit breaker could also be faulty. If you reset the circuit breaker and your fan still doesn't work, it's time to call for help.

When Your Unit Leaks Water Into Your Home

There may be a time when water starts leaking into your home from your air conditioning unit. If this occurs, it is probably a blocked drain that needs to be cleaned out. Ice can also buildup on your air conditioner, causing water to eventually leak into your home. If your evaporator coil pan is corroded, it will leak water as well.

Your Unit Keeps Turning On and Off

When your unit turns on and off all the time without cooling down your home, the refrigerant level is probably low. If you have a leak, this will need to be repaired. A system that is short cycling will have to be looked at by a professional to figure out what is going on.

If you have a small leak from your air conditioner, check the drain plug. Always check the circuit breakers to see if they have tripped. When you have continual problems with circuit breakers, get your system serviced to avoid a fire hazard.