What To Know About Cleaning An Evaporator Coil

Your air conditioner's evaporator coil plays a key role in how the system works. It is the part that actually cools down the air, which is done by pushing liquid refrigerant through the part. Unfortunately, this process makes the evaporator coil attract all kinds of debris, which can build up over time and cause a problem. You can clean the coil on your own by following these tips, which will improve how the air conditioner operates.

Gather Tools and Materials

You'll need the right tools to get this job done. It will help to locate your air conditioner's user manual to learn specific information about your air conditioner, such as how to open up the unit and access the evaporator coils. In addition, you'll need a screwdriver, foam evaporator coil cleaner, plastic gloves, and a steel brush.

Access the Evaporator Coils

Start by shutting down the electricity running to your HVAC system, which can be done at a nearby switch or using your home's circuit breaker. Find the location of the evaporator coils, which typically involves removing screws on an access panel. Put these screws somewhere safe, such as a plastic bag, so that you do not misplace them.

Clean the Evaporator Coils

It helps to give the foam cleaner a test spray so you can better predict how much will come out when you pull the trigger. Try this in a trash can or other area where the foam will be easy to dispose of. When ready, you should reach into the air handler and spray the foam onto the coils so that they are fully coated with the cleaning solution.

Follow the directions on the cleaning foam for how long it should stay on the coils. When finished, put the cover back on the unit's air handler, and then turn on your air conditioner. Running the system should rinse away any cleaner that remains on the evaporator coils, since it will drip off and go into the condensation tray under the unit. Once the air conditioner has run for a few days, shut down the unit and open it back up again. You can use the wire brush to scrape away any dirt that is on the coils.

If you do not feel confident when it comes cleaning an evaporator coil, reach out to a local HVAC service company. You can have this task done when having the HVAC system inspected each year.