The Best Ways To Pet-Proof Your Plumbing

You might know to be worried about whether your pet will chew on an electrical cord, but other potential pet threats can come from your plumbing. Your pet might do damage to your plumbing in a way that can lead to expensive repairs in the future.

Cover Up Your Pipes

Make sure to cover up any exposed pipes. Dogs love to chew on anything they can access. If a dog keeps chewing on a pipe, he might eventually cause a leak.

Close the Lid

If you have a problem with your dog drinking out of the toilet, make sure to keep plenty of water around. You will also want to close the lid so that your dog cannot easily drink out of your toilet. The toilet water might not be safe to drink and you might not have enough water in your toilet to flush if your dog drinks all of it.

Don't Clog Your Drains

When you are cleaning your dog in your house, his or her fur can clog your drains and becoming a plumbing nightmare. To avoid this, rinse your dog outside when it is dirty. You might find it difficult to thoroughly clean your dog while outside, so consider rinsing your dog initially outside to remove most of the fur and mud. Then, finish the job inside while placing a drain stopper over the drain to prevent dog hair from going down the drain. Remove as much dog hair as you can before removing the drain stopper.

Stop Digging

If your dog loves to dig, he or she might dig up your pipes. The act of digging could lead to your pipes becoming damaged, which could cause other problems for your home. To stop your dog from digging, often the best thing you can do is have more playtime and give your dog more toys. Also, keep your dog inside whenever you can or keep your dog away from the part of your yard that is above your pipes.

Hide the Cleaning Chemicals

One of the biggest dangers to your pet are cleaning chemicals. There are some pipe cleaning chemicals that are fatal or that will at least make your dog very sick. Either use locked cabinet doors or keep your cleaning chemicals up out of reach. Another great idea is to try to avoid using dangerous cleaning chemicals in the first place. If your pipes are often clogged, consider contacting a plumber that can remove your clog.

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