How A Dehumidifier Helps The AC

If you don't have a humidifier, you should think about getting one soon because it will greatly enhance your air conditioner's efficiency.

How a Humidifier Works

To understand how standard dehumidifier works, it's first necessary to understand that it has three main components; these include the reheater, reservoir, and compressor. Just like the name suggests, the compressor lowers the temperature of the refrigerant by compressing it. The moisture-laden air pulled up from your house then passes over the refrigerant coils and cools, making the water to condense and drip into the reservoir. The reheater is there to capture the heat given off by the air as it cools and gives off its moisture in the form of condensation.

How This Helps

The reduced humidity levels not only help you to feel comfortable; it also helps your AC in terms of energy efficiency and durability. For example, running a dehumidifier helps the AC because it:

Doesn't Have to Work Extra Hard

When indoor humidity is low, your body can release its heat in the form of sweat. Unfortunately, it can't do this when the humidity is high, which means you will be left feeling hotter than you should. This will make you turn down the AC thermostat in a bid to cool your environment further, and this makes the AC run longer than usual. More AC runtime equals high energy consumption, frequent breakdowns, and increased rate of wear and tear, among other things. The dehumidifier prevents all these by lowering your humidity so that you can feel comfortable without turning down the thermostat.

Doesn't Get Clogged Much

An AC with clogged filters doesn't run as efficiently as it should because it has to work extra hard to force the air through the filters. In fact, if the filters are clogged, you may even feel that your house isn't as comfortable as it should because the AC will experience reduced air circulation.

Unfortunately, high humidity is one of the causes of filter clogging. This is because high humidity encourages mold growth, and mold clogs the filters. Not only that, but high humidity also encourages pest infestation, and pests can also end up blocking the filter. A dehumidifier helps prevents all these by lowering the humidity.

Doesn't Have To Remove Too Much Moisture

The AC doesn't just cool your house; it also removes some of the moisture from the air although it doesn't do this as efficiently as the dehumidifier. If you don't have a dehumidifier, the AC has to work extra hard to remove all the moisture, and this may strain the AC. The dehumidifier takes care of some of the moisture and leaves the AC with a light duty.

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