2 Easy Tasks To Have A More Efficient HVAC System

No matter what the size of your building is, you need to do your part to keep up the HVAC system. That being said, HVAC maintenance in larger buildings is generally more tricky. There is just much more square footage of ducting, more air registers and larger appliances to deal with. Larger homes usually have a two part AC system, with a condenser unit and furnace. The condenser is outside of the home, but the furnace is usually in a basement, garage or utility closet. By cleaning a small component on the furnace and doing one maintenance task on the condenser unit, you can do your part to contribute to a more efficient HVAC system.

Clean the Condenser

The first, and easiest job to do is to clean the condenser unit. This is definitely something you want to do during the spring, when it isn't too cold or too hot. All you need for this job is a hose. The outside of a condenser unit is lined with sheets of aluminum that have tiny ridges. Most people don't realize that these ridges are a vital part of the AC system. Basically, they help draw warm air out of your home and allow cold air to be blown in by the fan. As a result, if these ridges are not kept clean, your condenser will not be very efficient. The aluminum can get dirty in a number of ways. By washing out all of the dirt with a powerful stream from your house, you can increase the efficiency of your condenser.

Change the Furnace Filter

The easiest thing to service on your furnace is the filter. Many people will try to clean the filter, but is usually easier to just replace it completely. The filter is made out of felt, so trying to get dust off of it is difficult. Furthermore, if you try to vacuum the dust off of the felt, you might stretch or bend it, creating an issue when you try to reinsert the old filter into its compartment. The furnace filter should cost less than $20, so it is definitely worth your time and money to just buy one instead of trying to clean it.

You don't need to replace your furnace filter within any strict time limits. That is, if you haven't change your filter in a year, and it looks clean when you pull it, just put it back in place. However, six months later when you pull the filter out, it might be extremely dirty. It really just depends on how often you run your AC and heater.

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