Heat Pump Frozen? Learn How To Defrost It

If you use a heat pump for your heating system of choice, you may run into a problem where the pump freezes due to the temperature outsize being so cold. You won't be able to use the heat pump until it has been defrosted. Thankfully, it's easy to do this on your own if you know these tips.

Remove The Blockages

It's possible that your heat pump will be unable to automatically defrost if there is a blockage somewhere in the system. During the cold months of winter, the blockage is typically snow. Inspect your heat pump for leaves, sticks, and other debris that could be blocking airflow to the unit, since it could be causing difficulties with defrosting

Replace The Filters

When you have clogged filters in a heat pump, there will be restricted air flow going to the pump. This could be why the pump is unable to defrost on its own. Be sure to regularly replace filters, as well as clean the unit's evaporator coil from time to time. Getting rid of debris and dust inside can help keep the air flowing inside the unit.

Use Warm Water

When there is a large amount of frost on the unit, immediately shut down the heat pump to avoid causing any more damage to it. Then you can pour some warm water on the heat pump to help melt the frost on top of it. Be ready to wipe off moisture immediately afterward to prevent it from freezing right after.

Use The Defrost Mode

There may be two defrost modes on your heat pump, which will help the unit handle conditions that are very cold. When the automatic mode is not getting the job done, use the manual mode instead. This will run the defrost mode for a longer period of time. It uses more energy to run this mode, but it could be what you need to do to defrost the unit.

Move The Sensor

The heat pump will have a temperature sensor on it that helps tell the unit how cold the temperature is and when to run the automatic defrost mode. Try moving this sensor near the unit's intake vents. This could give it a more accurate temperature of the air going into the unit and help it avoid freezing up in the future.

If you need help with a frozen heat pump, contact a local heating repair technician to assist you with getting it up and running again.