Why You Should Consider an Oil Powered Furnace

When getting a furnace for your home, most homeowners tend to go with a model that is powered by natural gas. However, an oil-powered furnace can be the better option, even if it isn't the most traditional choice. Here are 4 reasons to get a furnace powered by oil.

The Furnace Will Have a Long Life Span

You may have heard that oil powered furnaces won't last as long as their gas powered counterparts. That is simply not true, since an oil powered furnace has just as long of a lifespan. Expect to get between 15-20 years out of an oil powered furnace before it needs replacement. Of course, the life span depends on how well you take care of the system, so be sure to change the filters as recommended by the manufacturer, which can be every 2-3 months.

The Fuel Supply Is Independent

When your city has issues with the natural gas lines running to your home, it means your entire house doesn't have any natural gas. You won't be able to power any appliances that use it, such as a gas powered stove, water heater, or furnace. An oil powered furnace operates independently, not requiring any local utility company to provide the fuel. You store the oil at your home, and you won't have to worry about disruptions in service that are out of your own control.

The Heating Oil Is Safe

There are many misconceptions about the safety of using heating oil in your home, with the irrational fear that the oil could potentially explode in a home. This is another myth that is incorrect. An interesting fact about heating oil is that it cannot ignite unless it is 140°F, which is when the oil actually vaporizes.

A unique system is used where the tank of oil is not heated, but an oil mist. This minimizes the risk of the oil getting too hot where it can be dangerous. Meanwhile, a gas furnace that has a leak does have a risk of exploding, which is why an odor is added to the gas to make you aware of a leak.

The Heating Oil Is More Environmentally Friendly

Natural gas is not a renewable source, and is gone once it burns up. Meanwhile, oil has the capability to be reused, with some oil furnaces even burn the fuel that has already been used. The oil burns clean, and doesn't produce any methane emissions that contribute to harming the environment.

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