Want To Be Eco-Friendly? Consider Going Geothermal

If you have a traditional furnace to heat your home but want something more efficient, you may want to consider going geothermal. This system is unique in that it uses hot water flowing through pipes underground to warm your home. This is a much different than a regular heating system, so there are some considerations to think about before moving forward:

You Do Not Need A Lot of Outdoor Space

One common thought is that a geothermal heating system needs a lot of outdoor space. While the pipes are typically installed horizontally in the ground, they can be placed vertically if you do not have a lot of land to work with. However, if you are using an aquifer as your water source, the pipes must be horizontal so that it can utilize that body of water.

The Units Are Durable

A geothermal heating unit is very durable, despite being mostly constructed of piping. The key is that the technician must use the proper type of pipe for these systems. Thin piping should never be used, so be sure to discuss this with the installation team. In addition to piping, there is a small unit outside that will power the system. There is nothing you will need to maintain outside of this unit.

Heating More Than Your Home

Another interesting fact about geothermal heating units is that it will not only heat your home, but will also heat other areas. You can heat an outbuilding, a shed, or even your swimming pool. This is a very energy efficient system that can heat all of these areas simultaneously.

Efficient Water Utilization

It is true that a geothermal heating unit is going to use a lot of water, and this concerns many people. However, water is never consumed when functioning. It is placed back into the earth and will become ground water. If you are using an aquifer, the water will flow back into it as it is used, constantly being recycled.

With the importance of the environment being so prevalent, using an eco-friendly heating system in your home just makes good sense. Not only is this system better for the planet, but it is also less costly after the installation. There is very little electricity required to use a geothermal unit, so you will see a great discount on your energy bill as well. If you are interested in this type of unit, contact your heating system installer to see if it is offered.