Get Ready For Summer With Efficient Cooling Solutions To Lower Your Energy Costs This Year

Summer is going to be here soon, and are you prepared for the extra costs of cooling your home? The AC needs maintenance, and now is the best time to do upgrades to improve efficiency. There are also improvements like installing a evaporative cooler, improving ventilation or using renewable energy to cool your home. Here are some of the most energy efficient solutions to keep your home cool this summer:

1. Improving Ventilation and Using Heat Convection to Cool Passively

The ventilation of your home is a simple way to help keep your home cool. An HVAC contractor will be able to help with improvements like installing attic fans that aid in ventilation. Passive cooling will use natural heat convection currents to keep your home cool and reduce the energy consumption of your air conditioner. The passive cooling will work best when you take advantage of cool air on cold nights by opening windows to circulate air and use ventilation to allow hot air to escape.

2. Evaporative Cooling and Other Alternatives to Conventional AC Systems

Evaporative cooling is another solution that you will want to consider to improve the cooling in your home. If you need an air conditioning system installed and the summer climate where you live is dry; evaporative coolers provide an alternative to convention AC. These systems work by circulating air through evaporating water, which provides a cooling effect. These systems are less effective in high humidity, but there are also combo systems that take advantage of conventional AC and evaporative coolers for the most effective cooling design to cool your home efficiently.

3. Integrating Renewable Energy into Air Conditioning Designs for Efficient Cooling Designs

Another option that you have for the air conditioning design of your home is to integrate renewable energy into HVAC design. The most common renewable energy design for HVAC is geothermal systems that use a heat exchanger that takes advantage of the medium ground temperature to reduce heating and cooling energy consumption. In addition, some of the components of AC systems may also have solar panels or wind energy integrated into the design to improve efficiency with renewable energy.

These are some of the best energy efficient solutions to cool your home this summer. If you need help with upgrades and planning for your home's cooling needs, contact an HVAC contractor like I C E Heating & Cooling and talk with them about some of the best systems to cool your home.